53 Simple 3-Ingredient Recipes

created at: 11/01/2012

While I love cooking and can quite happily labor away for hours in the kitchen, there are times when you want quick & simple without resorting to fast food and/or takeaways. Enter the 3 ingredient recipe.  

These 53 Simple 3-Ingredient Recipes courtesy of Real Simple are bound to inject some inspiration into your mealtimes, I've already earmarked a few for tappas style dinners with friends. Best of all they take almost no time to prepare, you'll never go hungry again!

See more at 53 Simple 3-Ingredient Recipes [Real Simple]

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Matt Allison on May 07, 2013:

Thanks, and when, in today's fast paced life are we NOT short on time!

Anonymous on May 07, 2013:

Love those fast recipes when your short on time

Regina on Nov 04, 2012:


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