Global Warming Mug

Just in time for Earth Day is the Global Warming Mug. Fill the mug, which is adorned with a map of the world, with your favorite hot beverage and watch land masses disappear before your very eyes. It’s a great and obvious depiction of the effects of global warming. Design-wise, it’s clever, funny and completely frightening. Bye-bye Florida.


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baconthecat on May 03, 2007:

Ooo My dad (who lives in Tampa, haha) would totally get a kick out of this!

megrockstar on Apr 19, 2007:

i love hat site. good thing i don't like florida!


lilybee on Apr 19, 2007:

Yikes. That's cool but the total horror of a Waterworld style scenario might put me off my tasty beverage... Oh Kevin Costner, you lovable gilled rouge you.

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