Managing remodeling insanity

At a certain point in any remodel, homeowners might find themselves fleetingly considering homicide. You might think you know about the disruption remodeling can cause, but dealing with dust, dirt, workers going in and out of your home, nonworking essential appliances, etc., can turn your attitude into surviving if you're lucky and insanity if you aren't.

Fellow bloggers Charles and Hudsonrecognize that remodeling can drive you around the bend and they have a few commonsense tips to help you make it through. Memorize their advice  to repeat as a mantra:

  • Manage expectations: There will be times that it is just going to be bad. Expect that and you will feel better when it happens.
  • Plan first: You know that old saying about how it's easier to seek forgiveness than permission? It doesn't apply when it comes to remodeling. Always plan first, and tear down later.
  • Get ready for dust, dirt and inconvenience: Do a mini cleaning each day or week. It will help make the mess more bearable. Charles and Hudson suggests budgeting for a maid -- maybe do this for a deep cleaning when the project is done.
  • Schedule changes: Your schedule will be disrupted (see above point) and you must plan for it or risk coming home after a run to the water being turned off (that your builder told you about).

To these points we would also add that nothing lasts forever, although it may seem like it. Keep your eyes on the prize and before you know it, your remodeling project will be over.

If you're interested in further reading on this very subject, check out this previous post from Lou Manfredini.

Originally published on the MLuxe blog by Berit Griffin. Image courtesy of Demed on Flickr.


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