Apartment Honeysuckle

One of the problems with apartment living is that you can't plant anything in the ground that might be permanent. I LOVE honeysuckle and so looked for a way to make it portable. Here's what I came up with.

-four old cans with two holes punched out near the top (I spray painted mine a muted bronze so that it blended in a bit.)
-tomato cage opened flat
-potted honeysuckle 

1. Floss the twine through the cans and suspend them from whatever supporting structure you're going to be using. My patio comes with a privacy wall, which was perfect for this project.

2. Tie the tomato cage to the cans.
created at: 07/11/2012

3. Position the planted honeysuckle so that it is within reach of the suspended cage and, if possible, make it within range of the apartment sprinklers.

4. Wrap the honeysucke around the bars of the cage.

This one is mine when I first planted it, and then a month later. Eventually I'll suspend another. cage and have the plant cover the whole wall. As you can see from the side image, the plant is growing in front of, but not on the wall itself. This prevents landlord conflict since there's no worries that I'm making permanent changes to the structure.
created at: 07/11/2012
created at: 07/11/2012

created at: 07/11/2012
created at: 07/11/2012

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