Before and After: A Colorful Dining Room Makeover

created at: 07/09/2012

This isn't quiiiiite a before photo, but you get the idea that the room was just a big white box, right? Kinda boring. You know what isn't boring? An accent wall painted in one of the cheeriest hues on the planet!    
created at: 07/09/2012

Sibylle from Funkytime, whose previous dining room and bedroom makeovers we've featured before, recently moved into a new place. Like any DIYer, she was itching to make it her own! The result is a fantastically joyful space full of life and Sibylle's own personality (and artwork). See more gorgeous after photos over on Funkytime.

What do you think, Curbliers? Have you or would you go this bold?

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CapreeK on Jul 11, 2012:

KellyAnn -- Ooh! Definitely share pics when you complete your kitchen! :)

KeLLy aNN on Jul 11, 2012:

Capree ~ "}  I was using Oranges and Lime Greens and Mah~jenta, when no one else here was and I still remember the look on people's faces...Kodak moment for sure! Picking one wall is a great way to get into color without a lot of expense, and easy to change if you don't really like it. I've left a rainbow of repainted apartment walls in this town.. I can't wait to redo my kitchen.


CapreeK on Jul 10, 2012:

KellyAnn -- Skittles House!! Love it. Sounds like my kind of place! :)

KeLLY aNN on Jul 10, 2012:

now that's what I'm talkin bout!!!

My sis~n~law calls my house the Skittles house because of all the bright colors we have!


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