Keeping a clean house

Everyone loves a clean house, but it can be so hard to achieve and maintain. Between work, family, friends, and social and volunteer activities, the last thing most people want to spend their precious free time doing is cleaning. But there's nothing like the serenity of a perfectly clean house where everything is in its place.

Shelterpop offered up a list of cleaning tips for every room in the house. Here are our favorite tips of theirs for each room.

  • Create an inbox in the entryway. This can serve as a repository for bills and other mail to take care of -- no more mail strewn on the kitchen table! Don't forget to recycle junk mail and toss unwanted credit card solicitations and the like in the shredder as soon as they arrive.
  • Recycle all those magazines and newspapers in your living room. Unless you are a collector, you probably will never read old magazines. Clip or scan articles you find interesting and get rid of the rest.
  • Pare down the "bag of bags" in the kitchen. Whether they are paper or plastic, trust us: there are more where they came from.
  • Sleep stuff only in the bedroom. Shelterpop suggests removing "anything that doesn't relate to your nocturnal life." It's a tall order, but really, what do you need in your bedroom? A bed, of course. Drawers and closets for storing clothes. A bedside table for a few  necessities. A chair or bench maybe. Keeping your bedroom clutter-free can only improve your sleeping.
  • Streamline your products in the bathroom. Got through drawers and shelves and only keep the stuff that you use on a regular basis. Toss old or expired makeup, use up the lotion bottles that have just a tiny bit of lotion in them and ask your friends if they want that styling creme you bought at the salon a few months ago and only used once.

Check out Shelterpop to read the rest of their tips!

Originally published on the MLuxe blog by Berit Griffin


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janet.moss.5030 on Jan 20, 2013:

Great ideas and thanks for sharing. Although they may seem like 'little' things they are big time savers. 

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