Recycle It: How to Make a Cardboard Catch-All Organizer

created at: 06/05/2012

It might just be at our house, but if my husband asks me where his keys are one more time, I might poke my eyes out.  And at the rate I lose my phone, we are going to be the blind leading the blind, literally.  That's why I liked this clever recycled cardboard catch-all project; solutions like this help me keep my eyesight.   
Cardboard stacked on cardboard makes for some ultra durable material.  And it also makes keeping track of keys, wallets, phones, and other things much easier, thanks to Laura Parke. 

created at: 06/05/2012

Her step-by-step photo tutorial shows exactly how to cut, glue, and stack different pieces of cardboard to get this compartmentalized catch-all.  Find it at Design for Mankind.

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Anonymous on Jun 30, 2012:

Cover with contact paper to make it easy to wipe off and to fit the decor of a home.

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