I had such a good day today. I decided when I woke up I would have a Lauren day, and I would do all the fun things I had been wanting to do all week. Well I did..and it was awesome! A while back I posted this DIY on making your own necklace out of an old ring. You can see the post here. If you didn’t read it, the reason I wanted to do this was because my husband and I have matching rings that are memorable to us. I never wear mine anymore, because I have a wedding band and engagement ring, so I decided to tarnish it and put it on a chain. I found a perfect chain at Michael's this morning for 3.99. It had a nice tarnished look, and I was so excited about it, but decided to get the clasps at Walmart, because they were cheaper. These are the materials I used:

What I used to make the vases

To see my full diy day filled with projects, click for the post here.

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