Survey: Green Cleaning, Hype or Hallelujah?

Green Cleaning Survey

This month we're talking about cleaning and organization, so we're doing a few surveys to get an idea of how clean and organized you guys are (or aren't). Last week, we asked about your laundry habits. In today's installment, we're wondering what you think about the green cleaning craze.

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And now for the results: 

Don't just vote...we also wanna know what you think! Please post your thoughts about laundry, a well as tips, confessions, and general ideas in the comments below!

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Kelly on Jun 18, 2012:

I feel like one "green" cleaning change can make a difference in our lives. I am all for paper towels, but I now use baking soda and vinager to clean my sink. I also started using lemon and vinager to clean other areas of my house. The harsh chemicals are what I want to stay away from, but if I have to use them then I will. 

Jasi on Apr 15, 2012:

so not about to clean up chicken goo with a rag and throw it in my wash on a separate load with it's own hot water because i don't want it intermingling with my kids clothes or my face cloths. then should i run it again to clean it? with some vinegar maybe? yeah, i do gentler cleaners for my childrens' sensitive skin but paper towels all the way, baby.

Chloe on Mar 21, 2012:

I also think 'green cleaning' can be interpreted so many ways. Sure, you can buy sometimes-more-expensive green products. There is now tons of information about how people can make their own cleaning products that work great, smell great, and super cheap in the long term (sometimes the upfront cost of products are more expensive but you have them forever!).

We've been raised to beleive that 'clean' only comes in a processed, plastic bottle with a label. Just like DIY has really grown in popularity over the years, I think as more and more people realize that can be in control of what they use in their homes, on skin, in life in general, they'll be more likely to explore alternatives to what is out there. That is a good thing!

DesigningMom on Mar 20, 2012:

We need more choices because half of what I answered on the survey was the lesser of two evils.

I'm highly allergic to many chemicals in cleaning products so I steam clean most everything adding a mild soap when needed. I only use antibacterial gel when water isn't handy. The "Earth Friendly" cleaning products I do use are not more costly.

I do use paper towels, sparingly, as napkins. I couldn't tell you if they are recycled or not. They're soft and tear in smaller pieces so there's less waste. I've been known to tear the smaller pieces in half if I can. I find cloth napkins less absorbant, though I have used dish towels as napkins, you have to wash them both using more resources.


Jessica on Mar 19, 2012:

Totally agree with you Lez.  What happened to good old rags????  I haven't bought paper towel in years, it isn't worth the cash at all.

Lez Renovate on Mar 19, 2012:

also seriously, do you really need paper towels. at all?

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