Survey: What Are Your Laundry Habits?

created at: 03/12/2012

This month we're talking about cleaning and organization, so we're doing a few surveys to get an idea of how clean and organized you guys are (or aren't). Last week, we asked about your general cleaning habits and frequency, and today's installment is about that most dreaded of household chores: the laundry.

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Don't worry, your response is completely anonymous and we're just collecting this unscientific info for fun and conversation. And here are the results!

Don't just vote...we also wanna know what you think! Please post your thoughts about laundry, a well as tips, confessions, and general ideas in the comments below!

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DesigningMom on Mar 19, 2012:

Never mind. I just went back to the first page and while I was replying to other things Maven posted what I asked for. You guys are fast! LOL

DesigningMom on Mar 19, 2012:

Though I use liquid fabric softener I don't put it in the washer. For three decades now I've purchased liquid softener poured into a garden sprayer and washclothes. After a few times of spraying the wash cloth with fabric softener you won't have to spray it every time. You'll know when it doesn't feel rigth and needs respraying. Our clothes come out static free. I think I've bought three or maybe four bottles of softener in all this time.

You should have a post on how we all organize our laundry/laundry rooms Chris.

Caroline on Mar 15, 2012:

We have bylaws in our municipality against having clotheslines, which is :(. We wash with Tide Free in cold water to keep our clothes irritant free, and I also never use Dryer sheets, since my hubby and I get very itchy if Bounce even touches our clothes. We also have time-of-use for our Hydro, so I (sometimes) wake up halfway through the night and change the loads over so we get our laundry done when its cheapest to run the machines (our dryer is gas powered, so it saves us money on top of that). I hate doing laundry on weekends, so overnight it is!

amaeb on Mar 14, 2012:

You didn't have an option for using soap nuts! I use soap nuts and I don't have to use dryer sheets. :)

emily on Mar 13, 2012:

I'm going through the process of trying to retrain myself to do laundry at night or on weekends – I live in Ontario (Canada) and the hyrdo company is introducing time-of-use rates. The cheapest time is between 7 pm and 7 am and then all day on weekends, so although I hate the idea of doing 2-4 loads of laundry all at once, and taking up time on the weekends, I also don't want to pay more for the hydro than I have to.

Anonymous on Mar 13, 2012:

I use homemade powdered laundry soap (Fels Naptha, Borax and washing powder), vinegar in the rinse and hang them outside or on a rack in inclement weather.

peacefulones blogspot on Mar 13, 2012:

I clicked on clothesline, but honestly I love a recently found WONDER system: the Laundry Lift. It's a takeoff on the traditional British airer and offers 6 separate hanging rods (http://laundrylift.com/index.php?osCsid=e60a7ba26754dffcfd29121b7cec4f40). Saves wear and tear on clothes, $, electricity, plus it's fun to use. Cost under $60 delivered - which I'll make up in no time.

CKM on Mar 13, 2012:

I stopped using fabric softener dryer sheets over a year ago and started using Static Eliminator Re-Usable Dryer Sheets (http://www.amazon.com/Static-Eliminator-Re-Usable-Dryer-Sheet/dp/B001BX1OXW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1331656052&sr=8-3) and Nellie's IMDB-E PVC Free Dryer Balls (http://www.amazon.com/Nellies-IMDB-Free-Dryer-Balls/dp/B002G1N8KA/ref=pd_bxgy_hg_img_b).  I don't miss the fabric softener dryer sheets in the least, and I'm happy to not be adding chemicals back to my clean clothes.  The only thing this combination of dryer sheets and dryer balls can't overcome is static electricity due to fleece.  However, I've solved that problem by simply hanging the fleece items up to dry.  They're practically dry when they come out of the washer anyway, and they don't stretch if you hang them up wet like a cotton garment would stretch.  Bonus: these dryer sheets and balls can also be used with cloth diapers, unlike traditional fabric softeners.

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