Make It: Pretty Painted Porcelain Plates!

created at: 03/01/2012

Hey, when I see an alliteration, I run with it!  And to be completely honest, these porcelain plates ARE pretty.  They're also extremely easy to make and affordable to boot!   

Jennifer Hagler from A Merry Mishap has single-handedly convinced me to run to my local craft store (this instant!) and buy myself a porcelain pen... or five.  Not only are they cheap, cheap, cheap, but they come in all kinds of colors.  Imagine the possibilities, people!

All you need to make your own pretty painted porcelain plates is this magical porcelain pen and, well, some porcelain plates.  Hit up your local thrift store, your cupboard, or even Ikea.  (I think it would be cool to add some modern doodles/flair to more traditional pieces!)  After that, there's only one final step -- see what it is over on A Merry Mishap.  (Can you guess?)

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[via 2Modern]

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Mary on Mar 18, 2013:

What is the brand of the magical porcelain pen? I can't find them at Michael's or Hobby Lobby - what I do find says it's not for contact with food. And I'm guessing the plates wouldn't hold up to use with a knife and fork? What's your experience? I'm dying to make these!

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