Paint it? Stain it? Both!

Campaign Trunk Table Before

Rachel found this teak campaign trunk table and transformed it from bad nail salon decor to a really sophisticated piece. 

Campaign Trunk Table After

Instead of doing the obvious and painting the entire table, she took the time to stain the legs of the table a dark walnut. Then she painted the top trunk portion a crisp white.

The best part of it, Rachel says, is the strorage. She stashes her clutter in it when people come over. And if that's clutter, then I need to enter a 12-step hoarding program STAT. 

Campaign Trunk Table

Personally, I like how the campaign hardware is so much more noticeable with the new paint and stain. The warm wood tones on the inside are a nice surprise, too. 

See more of Rachel's trunk table makeover on her blog, Southern Exposure.

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Julie on Apr 19, 2012:

the painting gave it a new look.  The piece will be around longer then any of us, (unless it ends up in the dump by someone).  I have decided that a person needs to make a piece so they enjoy it.  After were gone it will be changed again, stripped sanded  or painted  again.  it out lasts us all!  Enjoy your new look!

Claudia on Mar 03, 2012:

I disagree with the two coments before this. The original piece is very uninteresting and not in very good condition. In fact, it looks just like my piano bench. (Mind you, I love wood. I have hardwood floors throughout my house and I wouldn't dream of painting the circa 1958 wood cabinets in my kitchen or bathroom.)  

The end result of this makeover is a one of a kind, very unique piece that I'd love to have in my living room. I think it is gorgeous, and it looks striking against the rug. What I like most about it is the contrast between the black legs and the white top.

I think it has been turned from something very mundane insto something fabulous. 


Patty C on Mar 03, 2012:

I have to agree with Carmen. This is the kind of furniture you don't touch with paint.

carmen on Feb 29, 2012:

it is really a shame that people do not appreciate noble wood and great craftsmanship anymore. the only thing this piece needed was stripping, sanding and some linseed oil or beeswax. as it is, they took a really beautiful piece and made it look like a cheap piece of crap from wallmart. one down.. like they say

Claudia on Feb 27, 2012:


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