From Candlestick to Succulent Garden: How to Make Mini Color-Dipped Planters!

created at: 02/06/2012

As you all know, my favorite plants in all the world are succulents.  I love 'em in big, statement-piece hanging gardens and I especially love them in tiny, magnetized terrarium form.  But these candlesticks-turned-planters might be my favorite DIY succulent containers yet!   


After a trip to the Palace of Ultimate DIY Potential, aka IKEA, Alex Michael from We See Rainbows came home with a set of funky candle holders.  Armed with some creative vision and a can of spray paint, she transformed them into colorful, paint-dipped, succulent-sized planters!  Niclely done, Alex.  Nicely done indeed!

Alex shares her tutorial and tips on turning your paint-dipped planter project into a success over on her DIY column for Design Love Fest--check it out!

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