3 Simple & Smart DIY Household Hacks

I never knew how much I needed a magnet mop until I saw jgodsey's Swiffer hack.  Great for cleaning up the shop floor. 

What WOULD we do without spring clamps? For one thing, our beer bottles would be rolling around inside the refrigerator. (See Wonder How To for more.)

The easiest way to fill a bucket via a sink EVER. 

 For more clever & helpful hacks, follow this link to HuffPo. 




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improviso fashion on Jan 27, 2012:

Amazing! I absolutely love the magnet mop, cause I always drop the pin box in the floor, what make me spending hours pick them up...

Teri on Jan 26, 2012:

How to fill a bucket... that is genius!  I hate sticking the bucket in sideways and you spill it all over the place and only end up with an inch of water!  Great tip!  Thanks!

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