How To: Make DIY Leather Strap Cabinet Pulls

created at: 12/12/2011

These leather strap cabinet pulls are a gorgeous--not to mention highly clever--DIY alternative to run-of-the-mill, big box hardware.  All you need are a few simple materials!   


created at: 12/12/2011

Artist Holton Rower (whose paintings we featured here) first made these DIY leather cabinet pulls nearly 20 years ago to use in an apartment and has been making and installing them in his homes and studios ever since.  They are super affordable and extremely stylish (can you imagine how beautifully these will age? Oh, the patina!)--and easy!  Like we mentioned, you only need a few materials:

  • leather
  • roofing nails
  • ruler
  • xacto knife

Holton suggests purchasing your leather from a shoemaker if you're only making a few and to buy a whole hide if you plan on changing out every nob in the house.  Once you've acquired your leather, simply measure and cut into strips.  Fold the strip in half to make a loop and attach it to your cabinet with a roofing nail.  Voila!  You've got fancy looking leather pulls!

Check out more photos and suggestions for alternate materials over on Improvised Life!

[via Abbey Hendrickson--remember her beautiful farmhouse dining room makeover?]

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CapreeK on Dec 14, 2011:

Love the old belt idea, Kate!

Kate on Dec 13, 2011:

This could look really great with old, aged leather. And old belts are literally a dime a dozen at the thrift store!  Also, instead of roofing nails you could use brass or nickle upholstery brads. 

PS. to Curbly- these ads i have to watch to leave a comment are super annoying.

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