11 Ways Supermarkets Trick Us into Spending More

Shame on those sneaky grocers with their grocery store tricks. You probably know the one about them keeping the more expensive brands at eye level, but did you hear about the no dollar sign trick? Leaving the $ sign off labels makes our brains think less about the fact that we're spending money. Weird, but probably verified by dozens of focus groups, I'd imagine. Also, have you noticed how BIG grocery carts have gotten? (Case in point: Target. You could fit a Mini Cooper into one of those things.) That's also a trick, as retailers figure we'll feel compelled to fill them. And have you also noticed how the checkouts are usually understaffed? Yeah, they don't do that just to piss us off. To see all the other sneaky tricks pulled on us in the grocery aisles--and how to avoid them--visit this slideshow at HuffPo.

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