Turn an old book into a photo frame

Here's a super-simple project to turn an old book into a creative frame I saw at fototiller . My dad is an English professor and I will definitely have to make a couple of these for christmas gifts.


book frame

  1. Find an old book with a cool cover - check out the dollar/free bins of books at used bookstores. You want to find an old book with a sturdy cover that will look good with a frame cut out of it.
  2. On the inside of the front cover, trace around the photo you want to frame.
  3. Use a strong knife (I used a box-cutter) to carefully cut along the lines down to the book cloth, but not through it.
  4. Peel away the bookboard, leaving the book cloth still attached to the book. Cut a smaller opening in the book cloth, leaving a one-inch border of book cloth around the frame opening. Cut the cloth diagonally in each corner and fold the book cloth over the edge and tape or glue to the inside cover. (This gives the frame opening a cleaner look).
  5. For a white border like the frame above, cut out a smaller opening from the first page in the book and tape your photo to the back of this page.


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