New Apartment! or How To Be Happy With Less

I recently moved into a new apartment.  It is a one bedroom unit on the third floor of an old Victorian home in the Ashmont Hill section of Dorchester, a "burrough" of Boston.  Built in the 1880's, the single family home was broken into apartments during the Depression.  The apartment maintains many period details, including a clawfoot tub and incredible woodwork throughout.  Here are some photos of the place before I moved in:



So far I have just the bare minimums:  a table and chairs in the kitchen; a futon, coffee table, desk and chair, and small TV in the living room; and a bed in the bedroom.  It's a very bare-bones experience, to be sure, but it's actually quite refreshing.  The small TV, sans cable, DVD, or video games, hasn't been turned on since I moved in.  In turn, I find myself with more time to read, work (I work from home), or maintain my blog.  Having less furniture actually helps me keep a cleaner house, as there are less places for clutter to hide.

I plan on truly making this my home by buying new (for me, I'm hoping for some great thrift store finds) furniture, and working on the color throughout.  But even when I do, I don't plan on filling the place just to have stuff.  It's an old saying, but it's true:  Less is more.

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gradontripp on Apr 02, 2007:

Thank you!

knitstuff on Apr 02, 2007:

wow!  what a lovely space!

gradontripp on Mar 26, 2007:

Thanks jasimar.  Ultra-charming space, huh?  Indeed it is.  It will be a challenge to blend my modern sensibilities with this gorgeous Victorian space.

jasimar on Mar 26, 2007:

I'm so with you on this.  I envy your fresh start.  Best of luck to you and please keep us posted with what you do with that ultra-charming space.

gradontripp on Mar 26, 2007:

Thanks Manzabar!

Manzabar on Mar 26, 2007:

Wowsers, that's some gorgeous woodwork you've got there!

bruno on Mar 25, 2007:

I totally agree... after all, you've got to live there, so you might as well make it your own. It helps to have a landlord who is willing to let you put your stamp on the place.

gradontripp on Mar 25, 2007:

I think the limit to the work I would do on somewhere I don't own is dependent on how long I plan to live there.  If I'm only going to last the one year of the lease, then maybe just paint the walls.  But if, over time, I come to the realization that I'm comfortable enough to stay much longer, then I will begin to consider other, more intensive changes.  Whether you own the building or not, it is your home, and you should respect it and try to nurture it.

Thanks Bruno!

bruno on Mar 24, 2007:

Congrats Gradon! Your new place looks sweet, and I can just imagine how much cooler it'll look with some color on the walls. Question: how do you feel (generally) about putting work into a place you don't own? Is there a limit to what you'll do to improve it?

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