If I had a urinal in my house...

If I had a urinal in my house, I’d have one of Clark Sorensen’s rather girly urinals. (Don’t you just love an oxymoron?) Anyway, after ruminating--literally--over the shape of the traditional urinal, Clark was inspired. By using flowers as his models, he has created a "perfect contradiction-taking a mundane, even ugly object and transforming it into something different, even something beautiful."

And beautiful they are. Too beautiful to use, perhaps. Or, so beautiful they may provoke females in their vicinity to start peeing standing up. It could go either way.



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Keter on Mar 20, 2007:

They could definitely be adapted to a wall-hung toilet or bidet, too.  But they are awfully girly.

Senseless on Mar 14, 2007:

LOL  Too much!

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