How to: Make DIY Ombre Glowing Hurricane Glasses

Heads up, cool kids: ombre is all the rage these days. The term is French, simply meaning "shaded" or "dark," and the look was all over New York Fashion Week this year. So now, of course, it's time to bring it into your home with a little DIY ombre decorness.

To start, how about these glowing fall-inspired and very Thanksgiving-ready ombre hurricane glasses?   The best thing about this project is though it looks like it'd take multiple colors of tissue paper, it actually only requires one sheet and some tricky layering.

How-to: Glowing Hurricane Glass

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Sandy on Feb 07, 2013:

Great ideas thank You !!!

PeppermintPatt on Nov 04, 2011:

Awesome look!

Assuming you used clear glass...what colors of tissue or construction paper did you use?


mimosk on Nov 03, 2011:

OMG Chris, this is such a great idea! I am a candle lover so I will definitely give it a try. Thanks!


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