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Take a closer look at this map of NYC and you'll see it's shape is constructed of places in NYC itself. The creator, Bold and Noble, offers several locales, including Italy, Australia, the British Isles, Africa, Canada, Ireland, France, New Zealand, London and the USA. If your special place isn't listed here, they take requests as well.

Spotted at The Designer Pad.

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Meriem on Oct 05, 2011:

I really like this idea alot.  They look great as a stylish poster on the wall. very cool, great find.  I do like the fonts they have used for this NYC map. 

bl3nd3r on Oct 04, 2011:

Wonderful idea. I think I may have just found some new art for my house!!

Thinking along the lines of DIYing this, turns out it is pretty easy. In 5 minutes I just created a cities cloud of Canada. I used 400ish ciites taken from a website and loaded them into tagxedo.com . I then uploaded an shape of Canada and it spit out a nice Canada shaped word cloud. Though the shape was a little rough, this could be resolved by using 1000 plus words.

CheesePirate on Oct 04, 2011:

Something similar has been around for Chicago, composed of neighborhood names, for a few years: http://orkposters.com/chicago.html -- I'm not sure which I like better!

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