Are Wall Decals 'So Over'?

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Crusing through the usual sites recently, I came across a post at one of my regular stops. (No, I won't mention which one.) The poster said that we were over wall decals, which made me ask two questions.

 One, "Do you have a turd in your pocket?" and two,"Are we over wall decals?" This morning, I spotted the one pictured above over at Freshome and squealed a little*. I guess that means I'm not over them yet. How about you?

*At least, I THINK it's a decal. Could be just a very clever paint job. Either way...squeeeeaaal

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Ty on Sep 26, 2011:

Wall graphics can be boring or creative, just like the people designing them.  You can buy some cool graphics, or design your own.  Any sign company can cut vynil graphics from vector-based artwork (eps, illustrator or corel files).  I've always thought that for the same effort, hand-painted walls have a more artisic appearance.

Nicole on Sep 26, 2011:

I love them!

Tiffany Patterson on Sep 26, 2011:

Wall graphics are terrific - or unfortunate...depending.

I think there is a big difference between clever creative wall graphics that add something to a room (which should never be over), and cheesy cutesy graphics that are so readily available and just make things worse. I think people have drove them into the grown because of how they use them...but no - creatives will always find unique ways to incorporate them as seen above! (this gives me hope)

Totally loving the wires. ♥

Kristen on Sep 24, 2011:

Well for people who don't have a lot of money to spend on large pieces or art (me!), they're not over! I love them. I don't like the snobbish "That's soooo over" type of people anyways.

sarina on Sep 22, 2011:

I own smartwalling.com.au a MOVABLE wall decal store and trust me people are not over wall decals. My wall decals leave no sticky adhesive on your walls and can be moved over and and over.

trish on Sep 21, 2011:

i meant turd.

trish on Sep 21, 2011:

"turn in your pocket" you slay me. and no wall decals aren't over. they are a great, non permanent way to decorate. wish i could use em, but we got textured walls.

Christine G. on Sep 21, 2011:

I'm not over them yet!  I love the telephone lines above... it just needs a bird or two sitting on the wire!

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