A Bed in the Garden?

floweredbed Flower bed

I actually love this re-use idea for an old wrought iron bed. It's clever and provides a unique focal point. However, I'm not so sure I'd want it in my yard. Positioned in a more public space, yes, but next to my garden shed? Mmmaybe not. What say you? Would you put a 'flower bed' in your yard?

Glimpsed at Recyclart.

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Linda T. on Sep 06, 2011:

I absolutely LOVE it!  What a great pun!  I would even put a large pampas grass in the middle, to go through the hole on top!

Julie on Sep 06, 2011:

Not in my front yard, but if I had a huge yard (which I don't)  I would so have a huge garden that I'm sure this would make a great center point.  I think this is so cool.

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