How To: Make Paint Chip Business Cards

created at: 09/01/2011

Last week I had the opportunity to go to a casual meet and greet with Emily Henderson of HGTV fame (last season’s Design Star & now star of her own show, Secrets from a Stylist). It was a really great event and you can read all about it here. I was really happy to attend, mostly for two reasons:

  1. I got to meet Emily, which being a HGTV and décor blog junkie must be equivalent to my boyfriend meeting say Jose Reyes from the Mets.
  2. It forced me out of my internet shell and into actual human interaction with other bloggers (who, BTW, are a really awesome breed of folks).

But, upon preparations for the event I was faced with the realization that I might have to repeat my blog name over and over...and over and over. I refuse to do this. Unnecessary repetition is the bane of my existence. I am an extremely efficient person fueled by a powerful desire to get tedious tasks over with so I can get back to what’s really important… The INTERNET. Obviously.

This is what I came up with, the easiest how-to you’ll ever see. Ever. I probably shouldn’t even call it a how-to. But alas, tomato tomahto.

created at: 09/02/2011

Voila! The non-buisness business card.

I used Avery #5663 labels, because they happened to be on hand...i.e. closest to my desk. Though I think they're a good bet, because they are, handily, 2” x 4”. This happens to be about the size of a “normal” business card. But don’t let that hamper you. Who cares, go crazy. Buy all the sizes Avery makes and go wild, this is a non-business business card, remember?!

I had both Benjamin Moore and Behr paint chips on hand and I literally grabbed whatever was hanging out in my crafting area so colors were all over the place. (Much like most of my projects, and all of my writing.) Because you are not me, you could easily plan this out and have an organized color scheme and go to your local paint store and pilfer chips in a prefered palate. Or, if you were really motivated and had Photoshop and some mild graphic design skills you could make yourself a fancy-schmancy label template and go from there. I personally did this right in Microsoft Word, picked a font, printed out a couple different spacing versions and called it a day. I also completed this during my lunch hour at my cubicle, so we're talking fun unique "business cards" in under an hour, including time for turkey sandwich consumption.

Regardless of technique, my cards were a huge hit at Emily's event. Which was nice because then we could get past the “What’s your blog?” opener and get to chatting about more fun things, like fried pickles, wallpaper, and Twitter.

P.S. Have paint chips but don’t need & or want business cards from them? Go here for more Curbly.com posts on paint chip projects.

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georgia stewart on Sep 10, 2011:

great idea i just might do this ..very cool

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