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Please forgive the somewhat back-to-back postings, just found the site and I thought it would be good to share.  This is a desk made of the fittings that we sell.  It's probably not the most cost-effective (it's not cheap) project, but I do think it shows off what these types of fittings can do for the DIY type person.  

The desk was recently featured on a program called Ron Hazelton's House Calls, you can view a the complete video segment of the show on our site.  You can also see the steps for the project written out on his web site.  

Hope this offers some inspriation.  

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balubalu on Mar 09, 2007:

The bad part of this is the "it's not cheap" quote. I really planned to build a project based on those after seeing one of your Make posts, but the pipes and the fittings really are quite expensive (besides I was not able to find them here in Germany. I looked at the wrong places perhaps).

cwpollock on Mar 06, 2007:

I think for this picture they removed the cords (yeah I guess that's cheating).  But there are some creative wasy of doing cord management on this type of setup.  The easy way would be to tie wrap the cords along the pipes (this of course would require some length).  The hard way is pictured below.  This method is being employed by Logue Studio in building his media platforms


bruno on Mar 06, 2007:

Great post! I love the free-hanging flat-screen display, but where are the cords?!

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