No Biggie: Re-thinking an Entertainment Center

created at: 07/02/2011

If you were faced with this existing entertainment center and wanted to use it with that sleek TV, what would you do?  After a splurge on the perfect television, one DIY-er had to get creative with her existing furniture and make it work.   The creative mind behind Chez Larsson had access to an entertainment center (which, of course, she had built) that was perfect in every way but one: it was way too big in its new home.  Solution?  A little elbow grease and a saw!  She did the job right there in the front room!

created at: 07/02/2011

Now it is the perfect fit in their modern home, thanks to a little DIY-ability.

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Anonymous on Jul 11, 2011:

The Xbox 360 power unit placement may cause over-heating. I learnt the hard way. A plus is that the furniture piece is open-backed. Good ventilation.

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