Another Sunburst Mirror Tute

created at: 06/07/2011

Centsational Girl spent all of 10 bucks to make her new sunburst mirror. How did she keep the cost so low? Well, for ONE reason is because she made it out of paint sticks that she snagged from the paint department. Yup, paint sticks. For the entire tute, follow this jump


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DesigningMom on Jun 09, 2011:

I think if I ever make one it will be from shims since you can buy packages of them. Though if I'd have remembered to pick up a paint stick everytime I got a can of oops paint I'd almost have enough to make one. Or maybe they'd sell me some paint sticks. They'd take stain better and I'd want to stain mine.

DIY Maven on Jun 09, 2011:

DM--I won't venture a guess! They do hand out stir sticks pretty freely, however. I think I might have posted about a shim one. :)

DesigningMom on Jun 09, 2011:

I've seen them made from shims, or my popularly known around here "as those wedgie things" since I rarely remember the name of them. I saw them at Home Depot last night or I'd have not known what to call them now.

One question though. Did she ask for the extra paint sticks? I mean they're not just laying out like paint chips are. I mean it ust have taken at least 40 of them.

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