Instant Bathroom?

A local company has developed a quick and relatively easy way to convert those mysterious waste and water pipes in your basement into an additional bathroom. Called The Presto Basement and Bathroom System, the manufacturer says that it is "No-mess [and] ready for use in only 1 ½ days." Right now they sell in the Twin City area, but I’ve been told that a call to Presto might result in a cross country shipment. The system costs about $3k and includes a ceramic toilet, pedestal sink, shower, vanity light, fan, heater and GFI outlet. It can be a DIY project for those of you familiar with plumbing, or you can hire out the installation, which they say should run you an additional $3k.

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Stella on Ohio on Feb 07, 2015:

My husband is an estimator for a remodeling and restoration contractor. He says that around here labor for installing this system would never cost as much as $3,000. Maybe $1000 if most of the work were done by a plumber but looks like not every task would require a plumber.

jasimar on Feb 25, 2007:

This is brilliant.  A fantastic thing.  I'm a great big fan of using wasted spaces.

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