How to Make Panda Bread


Without an accompanying picture, you might think one of the ingredients of this bread recipe is panda. But WITH the image we see that the tasty treat is bread that LOOKS like a panda. It's so cute, I'd want to cuddle it before I ate it. But that's me. For the recipe and assembly instructions, visit Perfect Pandas


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Tauney on Apr 20, 2011:

Hah! I found this receipe over a year ago and I just made it two weeks ago.  I had a few issues with the recipe: the amounts are almost too small to deal with, as it's intended for the bread maker, and some of the ingredients are added at awkward times. Next time I make it, I will double the recipe, then scale it into the three colours and add the tea and cocoa powder before kneading. Then I will do the second proofing after assembling. That way I'll have bigger amounts to work with, more even colour, and TWO loaves of lovely panda bread. :D

Christopher Kandrat on Apr 16, 2011:

Man thats pretty cool, I wanna make some Panda bread lol. Saving this recipe.

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